Here are some answers to my most often asked questions:

Can I wash my pottery in the dishwasher?

YES!!!! Is there any other way to wash dishes!?!? LOL Unless I specifically indicate that the pottery is to be hand-washed only (because I have applied a gold lustre), dishwashers and my pottery are great companions. 

Can I use my pottery in the microwave?

Absolutely! My pottery is very durable and goes through rugged testing (ie - my husband and kids use it). I occasionally will create pottery using black clay.  This type of clay does heat up faster in the microwave, and I inform everyone on the product listing if this is the case.  The only pottery that CAN'T be used in the microwave is anything with gold lustre applied to it. Sparks will fly if used in the microwave. 

Do you ship worldwide?

I normally only ship to North America (Canada and the USA).  However, if you would like me to ship elsewhere, please message me via email/Instagram/Facebook and I can arrange this with you.

Do you teach pottery?

This is my most asked question...lol. I don't teach pottery via classes, just through the occasional Instagram Video. Some people love to teach and some people love to create. I find my greatest enjoyment in the creating.  If you would like to learn, please contact me. I have some amazing friends who are incredible pottery teachers and I will happily refer you to them. 

Is there tax on my purchases?

Not at this time. 

How many animals do you own?

They actually own us.  But, we currently have 5 cats (Macavity, Sheamus, Grayson, Keelie, and Dickens) and 1 dog (Tucker…who is probably species confused!). They are all rescues…and I’m not sure if they rescued us or we rescued them!?!? If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll often see them in my posts. They love being around us and ‘working’ with me in my studio. Don’t worry about kitty glitter or dog confetti getting into your pottery…it all burns off in the kiln.