March Handbuilding Mug/Stein Workshop - Beginner Level

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March Handbuilding Mug/Stein Workshop - Beginner Level

 In this workshop, you'll create you every own mug/stein using a slab of clay, pottery tools, and a sense of humour!

Workshops dates available are:

Sunday, March 6 - Noon to 2pm

Sunday, March 13 - Noon to 2pm

Sunday, March 20 - Noon to 2pm

Sunday, March 27 - Noon to 2pm

Location: The Shoppe, 84 Milton St, Courtright, ON

 You will be introduced to clay and learn a little about the pottery process. This workshop is perfect for beginners or advanced. It's all about the process and having fun! Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. 😉

 Once your pottery is created, I will bring it to my studio. There it will dry until completely free of moisture. I will then bisque fire it in my kiln to 1955F. The next step is to glaze it (with a glaze you've selected) and fire it for the second time to 2100F. This complete process takes approximately 2-4 weeks.
  I will notify you when your pottery is finished and you will be available to pick up at The Shoppe.
 All clay, glazes, tools, instruction, and firings are included in the fee of $50/person. Only 4 spots are available. 
 IMPORTANT - Your registration fee is non-refundable! Once you pay for your spot, it's yours. YOU are responsible for 'selling your spot'. No exceptions!!!!


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